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Privacy Policy

Privacy policy:

We are pleased to serve you always and we are honored to provide the best web services provided by our site and we mention that the privacy of Mawjaat site and its users of the most things that we give a lot of attention and we consider it essential we are always keen, and we respect and protect the privacy of all users of the site Mawjaat.

Mawjaat always maintain and respect your privacy. Mawjaat recognizes the importance of protecting your personal data. The privacy policy of Mawjaat will provide you with answers to your questions regarding the type of data we collect and how we use it. It also contains information on how to prevent the collection or exchange of your personal data. Mawjaat reserves the right to modify or update this privacy policy at any time without prior notification. If we modify or update our Privacy Policy, we will post the revised policy here and make any changes to all data collected by the Mawjaat site, including data previously collected.

Information collected:

To complete the registration process, you will be asked to provide us with specific personal information, such as your name, e-mail and / or phone number and other similar information, and some additional information about you such as your birthdate or any specific information about your identity. In addition, in order to document your identity, we may need you to provide us with a valid proof of identity.

We may also need to collect specific financial information from you, such as your credit card / bank account details, to be added to your account information on the site, and will use this financial information to complete your website operations.

After registering on the Site, you should not publish any personal information (including any financial information) on any part of the Site, except for the "Account Management" section, thereby protecting you from fraudulent or identity theft. We also share any of your personal information on any part of the Site except for the "Account Management" section may be considered a violation of this Agreement may result in taking action on your membership of the site.

Your transaction information and activities will be recorded on-site whether it's a purchase or a browse.

Please note that we may use your IP address to analyze patterns of your activity on the site, thereby improving your management of the site. We may also collect your information about the details of your browsing, and we may collect additional information from you or from you in other ways that are not listed here, such as recording phone calls with CSC staff or through your answers to our questionnaires. We may collect information for statistical purposes, so the names of the information owners are unknown.


Use of personal information:

We use personal information to measure the level of our services in order to develop and improve them, as well as to prevent illegal activities, to provide you with promotional e-mails, to implement the terms of our agreement with you, and to sell or rent information. Of any third party within our scope of business. We will retain your personal information during and after your use of the Site to prevent fraud under the law.

Use your private information with other users:

We do not guarantee the confidentiality of your information when you share it with other users, so you should request information about the level of confidentiality and security contracts from any other users on the site before you start and provide them with any personal or financial data or information.

This confidentiality contract does not cover your disclosure of your personal information to a member of another site. You agree to use any personal information you receive from a member of another site for the purpose of completing a process on our site, only for this process, and you will not use information received from a member of another site for any other purposes (except for a clear authorization from the member at the other site).

You acknowledge and agree that you will not use personal information that you receive from the Site from any member of another site in accordance with the laws in this document.

You are aware and agree that you must use personal information that you have received from users under this Agreement.

Records on your device:

As is common in many Web sites, we use small software files installed on the hard drive from your computer, and the "cookies" we use do not disclose any of your personal information at all. These logs help us improve your performance on the site and help us find out which parts of the site are most frequently used, you are free to cancel these records if you have access to them from your browser.

Dealing with malicious and disruptive messages:

We do not tolerate destructive, disruptive, and malicious messages. Sending emails that damage or destroy us or any of the contents of the Site will result in the termination of the terms of the User Agreement. We scan the messages automatically, and may resort to hand filtering to see if there are malicious messages, viruses, destructive attacks or any other illegal activities. We will deal with what the law dictates with these messages.

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